frequently asked questions

How do I know whether you are available for our event?

In most cases Friday's and Saturday's are the most heavily booked dates of the month. 4- 6 months in advance is really not too soon to guarantee a booking/date with a professional Band. When you are booking a Band, start off by the date of the event, time and location.

How Much Do You Charge per Event or Hour?

We will send you an official quotation to your email account. Please indicate your choice of performers, type of event, duration of event, number of guests attending, venue and the event date.

Do you use a written contract?

Our company has a detailed Confirmation Letter for our clients to sign. This locks in the clients’ date, time, location or any special music, terms & conditions, how many guests are attending and etc. A 50% confirmation fee (non –refundable) is required to book the performers for your event. This is very important so that we can decline any other bookings on the same date as yours.

I’m very keen on THE KILLER GIRLS band for my Wedding, but my folk are concerned it will be too loud. Can you play quietly enough so that the older folks can still hear to talk without having to shout to each other during the wedding dinner?

Absolutely!. One of the most delightful things about The Killer Girls is that they are NEVER loud! They are perhaps the one and only band in town that know how to play softly yet lively! They make it a point to start the reception at an extremely low volume. That way, you can always request that the volume be turned up if you'd like. They'd much prefer that you ask to have volume turned UP rather than DOWN.

How do you dress for a performance?

For Weddings, they are very courteous and polite in the way they dress. They wear NON- SEXY but still elegant skirts/ dresses, long pants, high heels and bright pastel colored blouse. They are never in any sexy attire at all for weddings. They always give the spotlight to the bride and groom the whole night through.

For Annual Dinners, Launches and Parties, the Killer Girls wear miniskirts, short dresses, high cut boots, colorful blouses and feather boas. They sometimes wear hot pants too, depending on the situation. Of course, if you prefer them to be non- sexy, that’s not a problem!

Talk to us and we will know what to do for your event

They wear all-black formal clothing. The ladies are either in long skirt, long dress or in long pants and blouse. The men are in long sleeve shirt and pants.

They wear elegant Cheongsam. The other costume is a Western shiny Costume. Both costumes are different colors. There are Red, Maroon, Blue, Green, Gold, Pink and Black. How long does it take you to set up? Much depends on the venue of course, but in general it takes about 1 hour + to get the PA system set up and ready to go. If extensive stage lighting is requested that generally takes an additional 30 minutes.

The band and Sound System typically arrive two hours prior to the contracted start time, to ensure that everything is ready to go before any guests arrive, and to give the band time to change for the performance and have dinner.

Do we need to provide meals for the performers?

Yes! The performers always arrive way earlier than all of your guests to do a sound check and rehearse for your wedding/ annual dinner to make it really special. It is a common and ethical practice in Malaysia to provide the performers with a decent meal so that they can give their 100% on stage for you.

You’d surprised to know that most bands that performed badly were not provided with meals before they went on stage. Remember, the band arrives way earlier than any of your guests.

It’s not easy to perform when their stomachs are growling on stage during the latter part of the evening while your guests are dining in front of them. So, be nice to the band and they’ll go the extra mile for you!

Do we need to provide Overnight Rooms for the band?

Yes, for outstation venues out of Klang Valley. As you already know, the band arrives early to prepare their exciting show for your guests to enjoy. A lot of energy, effort and time are put in to ensure everything is in order and ‘ready to go’.

After all the effort in traveling to the venue, doing sound check, rehearsal at the venue and any last minute change , the performers need to shower, rest, regain their strength & composure and put on make up in a comfortable air conditioned room. They want to give their best for you, so a Room is very crucial and important to them to ensure nothing but the best for your show.

We’d like to have both the The Killer Girls and Empire String Quartet for our Wedding. Which one should we choose and why?

Do you want a formal wedding dinner or a lively/exciting wedding dinner? If you prefer a more formal wedding mood and when you have many guests that are from the corporate background then the Empire String Quartet is excellent.

The The Killer Girls are exciting if you want a livelier mood. They’ll talk, joke and sometimes dance off stage with the audience. You can expect a lot of fun and laughter from this act if your guests are good sports.

I am very interested in Amanda Sax's show. Can she perform an Opening Gambut with 4 Dancers?

Yes. Unlike the predictable opening Gambit acts you often see such as Electric Violinists and Singers, Amanda Sax will stun the crowd with her fabulous Saxophone Playing and with her 4 gorgeous Female Dancers. Amanda often doubles up as the Master of Ceremony (M.C) too in these events.

Can you combine the Empire String Quartet with a Killer Girl Vocalist?

Absolutely!. We’ve had many requests for this interesting combination. Whilst the Empire String Quartet is already an impressive show by itself, some clients request to have one of our lovely Killer Girls to add a more ‘spice’ to the show.

We’ve done that many times. Yes, it sounds lovely!

My company is planning a Hollywood & Glamourous theme event. Which of you Acts is suitable for this theme?

2 acts are perfect for this : KG & The Killer Girls or Amanda Sax & KG Hollywood Show.

It’s interesting that you have so many different bands. Which band should I choose?

This is a tough question. Talk to us and tell us more about your audience’s background, type of event, profession, taste in music etc. We will then propose the best band for your event based on your feedback.

Do Shanghai Angels play only Chinese songs?

No. They play English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, German, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Scottish, Irish and even Latin!. This is one of a kind band in Malaysia. If you prefer 100% English songs, that’s not a problem.

Does Empire Gatsby Jazz Band play other genres of music?

Yes. Besides Jazz music, we also play light Sentimental Oldies, Blues, Rock and Roll, Rock, Country, Reggae and many more.

Are all your bands fixed with 4 members? Can we have a smaller 2 or 3 member band?

It is possible. Talk to us and we will see what we can do for you. We sometimes have a scaled down version of our bands to fit your request. Of course, we are at our optimum 100% strength with 4 members in each band as all the musical parts are already professionally arranged for 4 persons.

Do you require Payment in Full prior to the day of my event?

No. Once we receive your confirmation fee, no further payment is due until the day of the function. Whether we are paid before the beginning of the event, during, or after our show, it’s up to you. If you PREFER to pay in advance so you have one less thing to worry about, that's fine, of course.

For Weddings, it’s very common that we receive our payment in cash as the couple prefers not to carry so much cash with them after the Dinner.

I understand that your Show comes with your Sound System. Why can’t you use the hotel’s Sound System so that I can save some cost instead of hiring your Sound System?

Just about all the 4- 5 star hotels that we’ve performed in for the last 19 years have mediocre sound system. They are meant for speech and very light music playback and are NOT meant for ‘live’ performances. We’ve our share of bad experience with these sound systems that have damaged and tarnished many Weddings in the past and will not advise you to leave your event to chance.

A sound system will make or break your Wedding. Think about it. Seriously. we do not cut corners to make your Wedding bad. That’s why we insist on doing our Shows only with our high quality Sound System that we charge for a very low fee.

Where can I see your bands perform?

Our Bands are strictly professional function bands and are seldom seen in pubs, clubs and discotheques unless it’s for special occasions. They perform only for Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Road shows and Corporate events in 4-5 star hotel ballrooms all over Malaysia.

Many full time bands in Malaysia perform every night for years and years without proper rest (if any). This punishing schedule causes exhaustion, fatigue and the lack of enthusiasm to perform after some time. They will be drained out by the time your event arrives and when they perform, they can’t give you optimum performance you expect. We’ve seen that happen too often.

Our Bands however are very enthusiastic, energetic and ready to perform for your event as they do not perform every night like those contract bands. That means you are getting the freshest, most enthusiastic, most alert and most attentive performers for your event.

How many languages can your Entertainers speak fluently? We are going to hold a gala dinner for our guests from all over the World.

We are the only Malaysian Entertainers in Asia Pacific that can speak fluent English, Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and Indonesian. We can also speak basic Japanese and Korean. Those are way more than all our competitors.